• 2011.03New 15 College of Pharmacy added (Total 35 College of Pharmacy in Korea)
  • 2009.03College of Pharmacy starting 6-year-disciplinary
  • 2007.11Held the 4th National Pharmacists Assembly
  • 2006.05Held 'Pharm Expo 2006'
  • 2005.10Established the 'Korea Institute for Pharmaceutical Policy Affairs'
  • 2004.11Reestablished 'Medicine day'(17th)
  • 2002.10Hosted the 19th Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations Congress
  • 2001.01Established the 'Korea Pharmaceutical Information Center'
  • 2000.07Implemented the 'separation of prescription and dispensing'
  • 2000.05-06Held the 'Pharmaceutical Affairs Exhibition'
  • 1999.06Held the 'Pharmaceutical Affairs Exhibition'
  • 1992.07Designated as license pharmacist registry office
  • 1992.05Established the 'Korean Anti-Drug Campaign Center'
  • 1987.11 Held the 2nd National Pharmacists Assemb
  • 1984.07Moved into new building(1489-3 Seocho 3-dong Seocho-gu)
  • 1982.08 Hosted the 9th Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations Congress
  • 1977.10Held the 1st National Pharmacists Assembly
  • 1975.12Designated as CME Institution for licensed pharmacists
  • 1968.09Hosted the 3rd Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations Congress
  • 1968.08 Joined FIP(International Pharmaceutical Association) as a full member
  • 1968.07 'Korean Pharmaceutical Association News' was launched
  • 1966.02 Joined FAPA(Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations) as a full member
  • 1965.10Code of ethics for Korean Pharmacists was adopte
  • 1959.01Held an event to commemorate the establishment of 'Medicine day'
  • 1955.01Foundation of the Korean Pharmaceutical Association was approved(111 Myo-dong Jongno-gu)
  • 1954.11Held the first general assembly of Korean Pharmaceutical Association
  • 1949.04Changed name to Korean Pharmacists Association
  • 1945.10Established Joseon Pharmacists Association(member : 448)
  • 1928.05Established Corea Pharmacists Association(member : 83)