Main Activities

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Effort to improve healthcare systems

The Korean Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) has been working together with health authorities and human resources for health care to settle down Healthcare Systems after the new National Health Insurance System was adopted to cover all Korean people in 1980s.
KPA also makes efforts to keep the policy of “the Separation of Prescription and Dispensing" from medical practice. Recently, KPA pursuits to amend the pharmaceutical and medical laws to provide better medication treatments.

Public awareness campaign for better medication

KPA has continued to play a role as a health keeper for neighbors by operating "Pharmacy On-duty" services on holidays. Furthermore, KPA operates the "Illegal Medicine Reporting Center" to prevent illegal distribution of poor quality drugs. In 2008, "Understanding Your Medicine" campaign was launched to improve the public awareness of proper medication and disposition.
KPA also plans to launch the “Collecting Medicine Waste and Unwanted Medicine” campaign to protect environment.

Development of new information technology for pharmacy

Korea Pharmaceutical Information Center established by KPA developed a new software program, PM2000, for medical insurance claims. It is now being used by approximately 9,000 pharmacies for convenient and accurate insurance claims in 2008.
Recently for faster and more accurate pharmacy business, ‘Standardization of 2-Dimensional Bar Code’ was developed by KPIC.

Harmony and coalition among pharmacists

KPA has pronounced the establishment of function and the image of ideal pharmacist and strengthened the partnerships and coalitions of members through the National Pharmacists Assemblies held in 1977, 1987, 2004, and 2007.
In addition, KPA has held various events including 'Pharmaceutical Affairs Exhibition', 'Best Pharmas Rally', and 'Pharm Expo 2006' to help pharmacists adapt to new health care environment.

Effort for establishing fair business order and improving drug distribution systems

To prevent excessive competition among pharmacies and reduce the patients’ mistrust on price system of drugs, KPA has been devoted itself to set a system to standardize retail prices on drugs and medical supplies.
For good drug distribution and practice, KPA has made efforts to diminish previously practiced unfair trades made by drug manufacturers and distributors by establishing 'Standard Retail Price System' in 1984, 'Selling Price Labeling System' in 1999, and 'Standards and Trade Agreements for Drugs and Medical Supplies' in 2002.

Effort to reform an educational system and provide in-service education programs of pharmacy

As a designated body of in-service education for pharmacist from the Minister, KPA provides in-service education programs to meet the needs of contemporary and developing practice of pharmacy. KPA also has played a key role in implementing the 6-year pharmacy education program, which will become effective from 2009.

Consolidation of relationship with international pharmacists organizations

As a member country of FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation), KPA officially participates in international pharmacist organizations including WPPF and FAPA and builds strong relationships with other non-profit global health care organizations as well.
To share the news and trends of pharmacy around the globe, KPA publishes a webzine called 'Pharmacists in the World.'

Effort to develop pharmacology and give traditional herbal medicine more scientific backgrounds

KPA established the Korea Institute for Pharmaceutical Policy Affairs ( in 2005 to study and develop policies regarding pharmaceutical affairs, healthcare systems, education, and pharmaceutical industry. By hosting various academic conferences and publishing academic outcomes, KPA has also contributed to improve pharmacology and provide better health care service.
Since the controversy between pharmacists and the traditional herbal medicine doctors in 1993 for the rights of pharmacists to prepare herbal medicines, KPA has supported to give herbal medicine a more scientific foundation.

Publication of “Korean Pharmaceutical Association News”

The Korean Pharmaceutical Association News was first published in 1968 and has been distributed twice a week to members to deliver the information on pharmaceutical affairs.
At present, the 4089th issue was published in October, 2008. The website of the News provides faster and more accurate information to the members and becomes the best place for sharing thoughts and ideas among the members.

Supporting various social welfare programs

KPA has been supportive providing various social welfare programs to help the neglected people from society and gives its best efforts to build a social safety system by performing smoking cessation campaigns, child protection programs, 1388 Youth Protection Campaign, and more.