강한 약사회, 앞서가는 약사회, 회원이 행복한 약사회

Korean Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) is a non-profit organization established as Korea Pharmacists Association in 1928. Approximately 70,000 members of KPA have contributed to public health through 'good quality of medicine and right medication'. With our belief and willingness to improve public health, members of KPA are committed to build a welfare country.
KPA has 16 regional divisions (5 special divisions abroad), 225 branches, General Assembly of Delegates as a legislative body, and 21 standing committees as an executive organization.

KPA has made efforts that pharmacies as the closest health care provider offer good quality of public health care service. KPA has tried to keep the policy of separation of dispensary from medical practice, offer on-going education to pharmacists, renovate and develop pharmacology, improve national health insurance, establish fair trade of medical supplies, promote an information-oriented pharmacology, and build a computerized pharmacy.

In addition, KPA supports various social programs and makes efforts to build social safety networks such as smoking cessation campaign, child protection program, 1388 youth protection campaign, and more.

KPA will try to develop public health service system combining public interests with pharmacists' right and do the best effort to complete roles of pharmacists under the slogan of 'pharmacists with pride. KPA in company with public'.

March, 2013Cho, Chan HwiPresident of Korea Pharmaceutical Association