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[2012. 02] KPA opens “pharm-story”, a blog to strengthen connection with the people and patients

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To establish an effective communication medium with the KPA established a blog, pharm-story( last February.  The blog aims to provide convenient access
for the public to various professionally prepared information regarding and to
assist in safe use of medicines and medical supplies.

Pharm-story publishes information on pharmacies and the healthcare
system, public knowledge regarding medicines, and others including a series
called “stories of medicine in movies”. 
It also provides links and banners directing to useful web services such
pharm 114 which is the information
system of pharmacies on duty, 1339 which is the emergency
medical information center
, Pharm-Care
which is the program for giving drug information to patients


While the growth in internet and mobile technology allowed for greater
accessibility to medicine related information, unfortunately, so did the
excessive amount of unapproved information. KPA aims to amend this issue
through pharm
-story by providing abundant
and correct information that is approved and reviewed by the professionals of
the field, i.e. the pharmacists.