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[2011.08]KYPG “Opened Symposium Regarding Pharmacist future”

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KYPG “Opened Symposium Regarding Pharmacist future”


The KYPG (Korean Young Pharmacist Group in KPA) published analysis report of Galbally Review in Australia & Result of Survey to citizen regarding Pre-Market medicine in Motoo seminar room in Seoul at Aug.17.2011.

This Survey shows that the best condition of Good Practice Pharmacy is determined by specialty of pharmacist (72.3%) among the Pharmacist and the general public (Number of 752).

The need of medicine control by Pharmacist is 75% and the need of counselor for medicine is also 95%.

This Result means that many citizens want to get counseling from pharmacist & controlled by pharmacist and agree to specialty of pharmacist.

And KYPG also presented about analysis of Galbally Review in Australia.

This report published for pharmacist approach & Medical expense & Benefit for Public health regarding Australia Medicine Regulation Categories.

In this report, the necessity of medical counseling is very important factor for taking and choosing medicine. The Australia citizen also want know the pharmacist knowledge.

In this symposium, KYPG illustrated important role of pharmacist in counseling and controlling medicine.