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[2010.07]Asia-Pacific Pharmacy Students Gathered in Seoul

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 July 2010


 Asia-Pacific Pharmacy Students Gathered in Seoul


The 9th Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium(APPS),Asia Pacific pharmacy students gathered together discussing about pharmacology, was held in Seoul catching attention.


This symposium was hosted by Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical Students(KNAPS) consisted of graduates and undergraduates from 20 colleges of pharmacy and it was held from the 4th to 10th at Seoul National University Hoam Faculty House.


APPS is the biggest annual event with Asia and Pacific students gathered together discussing about many topics.


In this symposium with the catch phrase of Global Vision for Educating the Future Pharmacists there were lectures and discussions about Qualities required for local pharmacists and current situation of local pharmacists at 5th, Qualities required for industry pharmacists and role in R&D and Developmental direction of clinical pharmacists and service at 6th.


Additionally there were patient counseling contest to enlighten about the duty of pharmacists as a drug use educator and to promote progress as a pharmacy professional, multicultural community events to share each native culture.


There also were events like development fund raising auction to give every pharmacy students a chance to participate in International Pharmacy Student Federation(ISPF) events.


Keun-hyung Kim, the chairman of KNAPS said it is great honor to host this years APPS in Korea and I want to make this a good opportunity to show Korea and pharmacy in Korea and show the enthusiasm and ability of Korean pharmacy students.


Meanwhile, Korean National Association for Pharmaceutical Sudents(KNAPS) was found in 2007 and became a member of International Pharmacy Student Federation(ISPF) at the same year and is working actively.